Badger Articles

Badgers are amazing animals, and we're not the only ones who think so! Here we've gathered together a range of guest articles about these marvellous mustelids, their fascinating lives and the issues they face. Grab a cuppa and choose what you'd like to read about today.

17 May 2021

Project Splatter

Sarah Raymond

Project Splatter was set up in 2013 at Cardiff University with the goal to collect wildlife vehicle collision reports from volunteers across the UK

5 November 2020

Has the 2020 badger cull ended? The Badger Trust’s view

Badger Trust Staff Team

Natural England does not publicly publish details of the badger cull timeframe

1 July 2020

Your badger lockdown stories

Kavita Ashton

As the country entered lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our supporters and fans reached out with badger lockdown stories

27 April 2020

Covid 19 - Cub Rescue Challenge!

Adrian Hinchliffe

I received a text from a lady who had been out running as part of her Coronavirus once-a-day exercise and found a small badger cub laying in the track of a small wooded area of RAF Wattisham in Suffolk.

16 April 2020

No respite for badgers in spite of change in Government rhetoric

Mark Jones

Government finally published its long-awaited response to the review of bovine TB policy it commissioned two years ago

31 May 2018

Wildlife crime in review

Craig Fellowes

Badgers are still under threat, but what are we doing about it?

8 April 2018

Badgers on the green

Steve Thompson

More stories from the John O Gaunt, the golfcourse with a heart!

13 November 2017

'Five' go wild

Steve Hawkes

Warwickshire rescue and release of five badger cubs

6 July 2017

Wildlife in the classroom

Dominic Dyer

Teaching the next generation of wildlife advocates

16 April 2017

Culling badgers: a vets view

Mark Jones

Get the perspective from the profession that polarised the debate

14 November 2016

Nature on course

Steve Thompson

Take a look at the rewilding happening on the green

16 January 2021

Mating in European Badgers

Paul Saunders

European badgers are fascinating creatures and the more I learn about them, the more interesting they become

2 November 2020

Why badgers are victims of hunting

Emily Lawrence

Did you know that badgers are victims of hunting too?

10 June 2020

Vaccination is the solution for animals as well as humans when it comes to disease control

Dominic Dyer

As Britain grapples with the huge human health and economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s easy for us to forget the ongoing war on wildlife taking place across the British countryside.

16 April 2020

Badger watching

Alex White

My parents first took me badger watching when I was three years old

19 August 2018

Traditional Badgers

Jaap Dirkmaat

The scientific, studied, and planned history of badger killing

31 May 2018

Young and Wild

Jasmine, Badger Trust

What brings younger generations closer to wildlife?

13 December 2017

Burying badgers

Dominic Dyer

It's a tradition for the government to bury bad news on the last day of parliament

6 November 2017

Badgers in focus

Dod Morrison

Follow local badgers through the eyes of a photographer

6 July 2017

Urban badgers

Angela Williams

Compared to rural badgers, relatively little has been known about urban badgers

9 April 2017

Culling badgers: a youth perspective

James Miller

Young activists are taking culling seriously

1 November 2016

The Wells cubs

Andy Parr

Following the return of cubs to the natal sett!

18 November 2020

How often does a badger change its bed?

Alex White

Anyone who has watched a badger when it first emerges from their sett will notice they spend a few minutes grooming themselves and each other before leaving to forage for the night.

2 September 2020

Time to stop playing the badger blame game

Dominic Dyer

The badger cull is a political fig for a British farming industry which refuses to address the underlying causes of the spread of bovine TB in cattle herds

17 May 2020

Rescue in a cull zone: How a badger cull zone and the Covid-19 pandemic affects badger cub rescue

Andy Parr

The lockdown associated with the Covid-19 pandemic is causing significant problems for badger groups in the way they respond to and deal with calls relating to badgers

16 April 2020

Photographing wildlife during lockdown

James Miller

I’ve become far more involved in the conservation sector, making short films showcasing local wildlife

2 August 2018

An update on HS2

Anne Bourne

What is HS2 and how will it effect badgers?

15 April 2018

Vaccinating badgers

Debbie Bailey

What is happening in the world of badger vaccination and why we should care

12 December 2017

Badgers on Cue

Michael Clark

A recount of Michael Clark's visit to BBC's Countryfile

6 August 2017

Interference at the badger sett

Mike Trubridge

Are your local setts safe?

2 July 2017

RBCT Conflicts

Tom Langton

Ecologist Tom Langton takes us through the science and conflicts behind the badger cull

2 April 2017

Badgering the Beeb

Chris Neden

Biased reporting can have devastating impacts on wildlife. Chris Neden explores the issue...

3 July 2016

Oh strewth a badger on the roof

Brian Saunders

Well we have seen some odd things, but nothing like this!