Grant application form

Apply below for Badger Trust Grants, ensuring you submit your application prior to the closing date of the round you wish to be considered in. Please ensure your project meets the relevant grant criteria prior to application. Failure to meet the criteria, or supply relevant supporting documentation will result in your application being refused or delayed. 


Badger Trust Grants

Clare Hammacott Grant Fund

The Clare Hammacott Grant Fund provides grants for the protection of badgers through practical work, outreach and education programmes.


Badger Vaccination Grant

The Badger Vaccination Grant Fund provides grants for the protection of badgers through vaccination projects. 


Emergency Badger Rescue Fund

The Emergency Badger Rescue Fund (EBRF) is a new grant fund for 2022. The EBRF is available for affiliated full member badger groups of Badger Trust to apply for when they face especially large or unexpected vet bills caused by an emergency badger rescue, which they would struggle to easily cover from their own funds.

New Group Grant

The New Group Grant is also available, aimed at supporting new groups getting set up within 12 months of their start date. This grant fund is managed by the Groups Coordinator as part of their work to support, develop and grow the Group Network and they will liaise with the qualifying groups. A maximum of £250 per group is available via this grant, and applications are managed by the Groups Coordinator outside the dates advertised below.


Grant application deadlines

First round: 8th April 2022

Second round: 17th June 2022

Third round: 19th August 2022

Fourth round: 4th November 2022

Please note that as applications need to be reviewed by the staff team prior to passing to the Finance Sub-Committee for review and recommendation, prior to final decision by the Board, there will be a delay of around three weeks from deadline to response on a decision. 

Grant Submission Form

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Guidance on completing the project pitch


Clare Hammacott Grant applications might find it helpful to answer the following questions:

  • Why is your project needed?

  • Please describe your project

  • What are the project's objectives and how do you intend to achieve them?

  • What do you expect your project to achieve? For badgers, and the local community

  • Please also describe how your project will meet one or more of the objectives of the Badger Trust (working to promote and enhance the welfare, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats).


Vaccination Grant applications must answer the following questions:

  • Provide clear and detailed plans of where you wish to vaccinate and your rationale

  • Please detail your resources to undertake the project, including volunteers and farms signed up or expressions of interest



Your confirmation and commitments

We confirm that we have checked the criteria for the grant we are applying for, that all supporting documentation is attached, and that we will report as due, with evidence of spend, within 12 months of the grant being awarded. The information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge. We understand that no further grant application will be considered until any past grants are fully reported on.

If our project is approved for funding we commit to:


  • Promote the receipt of grant funds from Badger Trust when talking internally and publicly about the project, acknowledging support from the fund

  • Thank Badger Trust in our group communications, and on our social media channels, to acknowledge the support

  • Not double-fundraising for the same project needs, eg if Badger Trust funding pays for the project or part of a project we will not fundraise again for that money

  • Complete and return a Grant Monitoring Form within 12 months of receipt of the money

If Badger Trust agrees to an award, we certify that the money will be used exclusively for the purposes described in this application. We accept the terms and conditions of the grant.

Your Attachments

Please ensure you attach the required documentation.
You may also email these to if you have any difficulty completing the upload. Please state clearly in the subject line ‘Supporting documentation for Grant application’ and give further details of your group and application in the message, so the two can be easily matched up.

  • Group/organisation constitution/rules

  • Management structure (Vaccination Grant only)

  • Natural England licence or permission letter (Vaccination Grant only)

  • Receipts for treatment (EBRF only)

  • Vet report (EBRF only)

  • Copy of bank statement covering the period when the badger was treated. Please redact to leave group name, date and balance visible only (EBRF only)