Oh Strewth a Badgers on the Roof

Well, we have seen some odd things and heard of some strange goings on but this one beats them all. I received the pictures shown below from Brian Saunders of North Northants Badger Group and could not believe what I was seeing. I rang Brian, who has given his permission for us to use the photograph, to find out what had happened.

He received the photograph from Robin Wright who lived nearby who had bought himself a new camera and was sitting in his lounge one evening looking at his new purchase. He had two collies which were in a compound in the rear garden and he heard them barking, he went to see what was going on and the events shown in the pictures unfolded. The badger climbed up the drainpipe, went over the guttering and climbed up the roof disappearing over the top. Brian thinks the badger had probably visited the garden the previous night and had lost it's scent trail, unable to find it's way home it had probably been in the bush at the base of the drainpipe all day, then at dusk it emerged which alerted the dogs to it's presence and they started to bark, which in turn alerted their owner.

Faced with the dogs on one side and a man on the other the only way for the badger to escape was up, so up it went. I asked Brian what had happened to the badger after it went over the top of the roof, but nobody knows, by the time the home owner got round to the front it has gone, so whether it slid down the roof and dropped to the floor, or got down by another method we shall never know. I have shown the photographs to many badger experts and they all agree that they have never seen anything like it.

Brian Saunders

Badger Trust Supporter

01 July 2016