15,000 murders and counting...

As CEO of the Badger Trust I firmly believe it is wrong for thousands of badgers to be subject to a long and agonising death for short term political and economic interests. As a Badger Trust supporter I expect that you likely feel the same.

We expect the announcement and the continuation of culling imminently. We rely heavily on your donations to help us fight this unethical killing.

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£5 could pay for a box of gloves used in vaccinations £10 could pay for a box of syringes or needles to vaccinate badgers £20 could pay for a single vaccine £50 could pay for torches, maps, and petrol for the wounded badger patrols £100 could provide legal advice and support legal efforts in the courts

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Help us fight for badgers…

The time has come for us to bring the badger cull fight back to the courts.  It is now the end of the 4 year trial period and no subsequent reports have been produced on the outcome and effect on the spread of TB. 

The government has not informed the public of the results of these costly, taxpayer funded culls. Furthermore only a fraction of killed badgers were tested for TB and the government has refused to release the results.

Despite this, they have continued rolling out the culling policy in existing and new zones with an estimated 100,000 badgers set to die within the next 3 years.

Since its inception we have seen:

  • 4 year trials end without the release of data

  • The British Veterinary Association condemning the use of free shooting

  • The government’s own appointed Independent Expert Panel deeming the trials inhumane and ineffective

  • 15,000 killed in total so far with numbers on the rise as 10,000 were killed last year alone

  • Localized sett extinctions as the Government has no tried and tested way of assessing populations

  • No evidence that the culling has reduced TB in cull zones

Saving the Protection of Badgers Act…

The history of the Badger Trust is rooted in the creation of the Protection of Badgers Act and was one of the pivotal moments that brought us together to form the charity we are today.  This act is now under threat with the introduction of supplementary culling licenses. 

The supplementary culling licenses are being given to farmers after the four year trials in Gloucestershire and Somerset.  They allow farmers to shoot badgers with no oversight and no control over the licenses. Simply put this has allowed for a loophole in the Protection of Badgers Act, 1992 that the Badger Trust has worked tirelessly to enact and protect and critically weakens the protected status of badgers across the entire country.

Small charities, like ourselves, rely on the generosity and compassion of the public to keep fighting for the protecti