Your money is paying for over 30,000 badgers to be killed.....

Today, DEFRA has announced the continuation and expansion of the killing of thousands of badgers across England. 11 new zones have been confirmed with a maximum number of 32,247 badgers to be killed in 2017 alone! This means that, by the end of this year, 47076 badgers will be dead as a result of the cull.

There is no way to say how shocked and heartbroken we are at the Badger Trust to see such huge numbers of badgers killed. 50,000 badgers are killed on our roads every year, 10,000 badgers could be killed due to persecution, and with over 32,000 badgers to be killed during a government cull, the total number of badgers killed this year through threats by man is close to 100,000…….in 2017 alone.

And just like you, we’re paying for it too! We estimate that over £50 million will be spent on the badger cull by the end of 2017. That’s YOUR money to kill these iconic animals. Every taxpayer across England is essentially funding this madness, but not by choice.

To make matters even worse, this killing is not only limited to adults. At this time of year, this year's cubs will be around 6 months old at most. Cage trapping and shooting is limited to the 31st of November in most cases. But controlled shooting (deemed as inhumane with even the British Veterinary Association advising not to continue with this method) can continue until the end of January - where females will be pregnant due to the breeding season. DEFRA is also increasingly using this method rather than cage trapping to reduce costs!

We just cannot continue to let this happen. We urgently need more help to end this inhumane killing of our wildlife. Please help us.

Please donate today to help us in the following ways: £5 could pay for a box of gloves used in vaccinations £10 could pay for a box of syringes or needles to vaccinate badgers £20 could pay for a single vaccine £50 could pay for torches, maps, and petrol for the wounded badger patrols £100 could provide legal advice and support legal efforts in the courts

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