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Now is your chance to design your own badger! Our 3D badger puzzle has an added bonus of being completely customizable. Paint your badger jigsaw to look any way you like! This badger makes a great gift for kids and keeps them occupied for hours.


We recently teamed up with Martin of Wooden Dog & Animal Gifts, a Rotherham based artisan, to give our new shop a handmade special touch. Don't forget to visit our artist profiles page to find out more about this great artisan.


Staff tip: Post your painted badger on social media and tag us in it! We would love to see what you create.


Product Information

Dimensions: 16cm x 6.8cm x 1.8cm

Materials: hand cut MDF

Hand made in Rotherham by Martin of Wooden Dog & Animal Gifts

Rustic Paint-Your-Own Badger Jigsaw



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