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There are many ways you can get involved with the Badger Trust.  You can actively support our campaigns through donations, purchase products that make a difference through the Brock Shop, or become a supporter of the Badger Trust. Want to get even more hands on? You can join a local Badger Group and be on the front-line of the badger protection action.


 We provide grants at a local level to Badger Groups and campaign Nationally. Our work depends on you.


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Leave the world a better place for badgers. Talk to us about legacies.




Local Badger Groups are the direct action wing of the Badger Trust. Our over 50 affiliated groups undertake rescue and rehabilitation efforts, local campaigning and much more. They are a great way to get involved, meet other badger enthusiasts and make a difference to your local badgers.  Should you have a badger issue, local groups also offer assistance to the community.


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Why we need your support

The team at the Badger Trust continues its work to enhance the welfare, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats.


Any gift you can make now helps us support our local Badger Groups, keep our badger crime reporting centre open, and carry on our vital campaign work.