Badger Time Quizzes and Puzzles

How much do you think you know about badgers? Test your badger knowledge with our fun quizzes created by the Badger Trust team for all the family.  Click on Kid quiz questions to get the list of slightly easier questions, or back to the General Questions to really test yourselves.

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Badger Time Quiz questions

General Questions

To which animal is the badger more closely related? A. Seal B. Mongoose C. Bear

A. Seal

Which of these is not a true badger species? A. American Badger B. Desert Badger C. Honey Badger

B. Desert Badger

Badgers are a member of the mustelid or weasel family; how many UK native ‘wild mustelids’ are there including the badger? A. 6 B. 8 C. 10

A. 6 Badger, weasel, stoat, pine marten, otter, polecat

The Welsh name for badger is moch daear, which translates as what? A. Earth pig B. Fat panda C. Shy bear

A. Earth pig

What is the name of the German dog breed which translates as badger dog? A. Dachshund B. Dobermann C. Schäferhund

A. Dachshund

Badgers are a protected species, but in what year was the latest protection (Protection of Badgers Act) specifically afforded to them? A. 1972 B. 1982 C. 1992

C. 1992

What colour is an Erythristic badger? A. White B. Black C. Ginger

C. Ginger

Brock, the Old English name for badger, is thought to come from which French word? A. Bêcheur B. Brouter C. Bruiner

A. Bêcheur (digger)

Which of these American football teams is named after badgers? A. Baltimore B. Wisconsin C. Minnesota

B. Wisconsin

How long have badgers lived in Britain? A. 250,000 years B. 25,000 years C. 2,500 years

A. 250,000 years

Kid quiz questions

What is a baby badger called? A. Kitten B. Calf C. Cub

C. Cub

What is a male badger called? A. Boar B. Bull C. Buck

A. Boar

What is a female badger called? A. Jenny B. Sow C. Queen

B. Sow

What is a badger’s favourite food in the UK? A. Pizza B. Chocolate C. Earthworms

C. Earthworms

What is a badger’s favourite berry? A. Elderberry B. Cranberry C. Goji berry

A. Elderberry

Badgers are nocturnal, what does this mean? A. They are awake at night and asleep during the day B. They are awake during the day and sleep at night C. They sleep during the day and the night

A. They are awake at night and asleep during the day

How many toes do badgers have on each foot? A. 3 B. 5 C. 7

B. 5

Where does a badger live? A. Burrow B. Den C. Sett

C. Sett

What is a badger family called? A. Clan B. Pride C. Herd

A. Clan

Which of these animals is a badger related to? A. Bear B. Lizard C. Weasel

C. Weasel

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