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There are many ways you can get involved with Badger Trust. 

You can actively support our campaigns by donating, join our badger clan by becoming a Supporter, and you can purchase products that make a difference through the Brock Shop.


Want to get even more hands-on? Get involved with your local Badger Group and be on the front-line of the badger protection action.


 We provide grants at a local level to Badger Groups and campaign Nationally. Our work depends on you.


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The local badger group network – a lifeline for badgers

Badger Trust is the voice for badgers in England and Wales (see our friends Scottish Badgers who cover Scotland, plus we have an affiliated group in Northern Ireland too). We work to promote and enhance the welfare, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats through our campaigns and national services.


We have an affiliated network of over 50 local badger groups, all run by volunteers and all working to deliver services to help badgers on the ground. This ‘badger army’ is a lifeline for badgers, as the volunteers who give their time and energy to provide services help and often save badgers – here and now.


Read on to find your nearest badger group, discover more about what badger groups do, and how you can get involved. We’d love to have you join our clan!


Find your nearest local badger group

To find out if you have a local badger group and what services they offer, please enter your postcode, town or county into the search box below and press the arrow to start the search. You’ll be shown your nearest Badger Trust affiliated group and the contact details we have for them. Most badger groups have a website or some social media presence, so you can find out more about what they do and get in touch easily.


When you contact your local badger group please give them time to respond – they are all volunteers and will prioritise badger rescue and rehabilitation work first. 


What do local badger groups do?

Local badger groups are run by volunteers. The services they offer can vary from group to group, depending on how many volunteers they have and when they’re available. Services can include:

  • Sett surveying, recording and monitoring: this can help safeguard setts, monitor them for interference, and provide information to inform planning and development proposals. It can also be a great way to watch badgers!

  • Rescuing and facilitating the rehabilitation of injured or orphaned badgers:  this is often carried out in conjunction with local wildlife rescues (and in accordance with the Badger Rehabilitation Protocol)

  • Responding to threats to badgers, their setts and habitats: this could include activity like monitoring setts known to be under threat and liaising with local police or other interested parties, or responding to road traffic collisions where a badger could still be helped or there may be orphaned cubs

  • Giving advice to landowners, statutory agencies and others concerning the lawful management of badger-related problems

  • Delivering assistance to the RSPCA, Police and other responsible authorities on badger-related matters

  • Giving talks and running events about the lives of badgers, the threats they face and the work of the local badger group. This helps to educate and engage the public and local community on local and national badger issues

  • Supporting Badger Trust national campaigns at a local level

Badgers and road traffic collisions

IMPORTANT if the badger is alive, please contact your local badger group for immediate help first, then report to us online via our RTC report form. Use our Badger Groups Map to find details of your local badger group or google your county/town and 'badger group'. Your RTC report is passed on to the local affiliated group, where there is one, but you could find help for an injured badger faster by contacting your local group direct first.


Where a badger has sadly been killed as a result of a road traffic collision, please always report to us online via our RTC report form. This is important because: 

  • We log your report for our statistics to help our national Give Badgers a Brake campaign identify accident hotspots and campaign for better measures to protect badgers

  • We pass on the details to your local badger group to identify local accident hotspots and help with local campaigns to protect badgers. In late winter and spring, checking if the badger is a lactating sow means they can try to locate and help the orphaned cubs

  • We share data with Project Splatter which gathers vehicle collision reports for all wildlife species across the UK

Removing dead badgers from roadways or other locations is the responsibility of your local authority. Please contact your local council to ask them to remove any dead animals. You can find the details here.

What if you don’t have a local badger group?

Unfortunately, we don’t have groups covering every part of the country. We’d really like to, but it depends on volunteers in the area and their ability to run a local group and deliver services. If you don’t have a local group but are interested in setting one up, please get in touch. We'll see what options are available in the area, possibly contact local Badger Trust supporters, and consider putting on a meeting or contacting local media to run a story to help generate interest. We’d love to grow the network so that more badgers on the ground can benefit from the presence of good folks who know how to help them.

If you don’t have a local group and aren’t able to help set one up you can still help badgers by supporting Badger Trust. There are many ways you can help fund our work:

If you want to help badgers directly through the work of a local group but you don’t have one, simply pick a group and see if you can join as a supporting member. This means you pay an annual fee that goes to their funds and you directly contribute to their work. Find a group via our map and click through to find out more from their website or social media.


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The team at Badger Trust works to enhance the welfare, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats.


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