Reminder: Please do not report cull figures to the Badger Trust. Badger Groups can directly email us and we are in contact with various groups on the ground to stay informed. Thank you for your concern and we will continue to monitor the situation. 


Welcome to the Badger Trust confidential report system where you can easily report everything from new sett finds, road traffic accidents and even crime or suspicious incidents. The information we receive from the public is essential to our work by ensuring greater protection of badgers and successful prosecution cases. 

Please select the option for the form that is most relevant to your report:


Select this option if you wish to report a road traffic casualty or a dead badger by the side of the road. 


Select this option if you wish to report a new sett location to us. Please do not report individual sightings


Select this option if you wish to report a crime or suspicious incident. Emergencies should go direct to the police.



Thank you for taking the time to report road traffic casualties.  Tragically, over 50,000 badgers a year are killed on the roads every year.  The good news is that we are using the data you provide to try and identify hot-spots and petition local councils to rethink local roads to make room for wildlife. The data you provide us with will help us try and keep more badgers from falling victim to road traffic casualties.

Your privacy is important to us.  For more details on how we use your personal data please read our privacy statement on our website.


We will not pass your details onto third parties save for affiliated Badger Groups.  Data will be shared between Badger Trust and the Groups


Use the GRID REFERENCE FINDER​. To report an RTA from Northern Ireland, click here.​  To report an RTA from Scotland, click here. After you report, find out more about our Give Badgers a Brake campaign.

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Thank you for choosing to report a new sett or sighting! With increasing threats to badgers it's great to hear about new sett finds and new badger sightings. This information is critically important for estimating badger populations, establishing local trends, and ensuring badger setts protection. Your details will be saved in case we need to follow up. By submitting out this form you agree to have your details and information retained for all relevant communication and uses. 

Get a location using the GRID REFERENCE FINDER



With badger persecution still being a widespread, nationwide issue, we rely on your reports to keep track of potential incidents to ensure police forces are provided with the correct information to pursue possible cases of badger related crime.  This confidential option is for the reporting of badger related crime or suspicious incidents. We pass information on to police forces to investigate and identify areas where we can provide police training. By submitting out this form you agree to have your details and information retained for all relevant communication and uses. 

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