Badger Trust Grants

Clare Hammacott Grant Fund

The Clare Hammacott Grant Fund provides grants for the protection of badgers through practical work, outreach and education programmes.


The Clare Hammacott Grant is available to all affiliated Badger Trust Badger Groups in order to help assist and promote the projects and work being done by the Badger Groups on the ground in their local area. The Clare Hammacott Grant opened in 2018 and awards grants of up to £1,500 for a wide range of projects aimed at promoting badger awareness and protection. 


Badger Trust is a registered charity that promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats. It represents and supports local voluntary badger groups throughout Britain, provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the RSPCA, the police and others to advance the protection of badgers.

Our priorities for funding

Badger Trust awards a number of grants to locally based, not for profit, voluntary and charitable groups and organisations, working for the welfare, conservation and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats. Further details can be found via the links below. Some grants may be available only to affiliated groups to Badger Trust.

The decision on whether or not to award a grant is made by the Board of Badger Trust.  All applications are subject to an initial review by the staff team to ensure the criteria are met, and that all supporting documentation or information has been received in order to adequately consider the request for funds.


Clare Hammacott

Badger Vaccination Grant Fund

The Badger Vaccination Grant Fund provides grants for the protection of badgers through vaccination projects.

The Badger Vaccination Grant was established in 2018 and helps with the cost of badger vaccination projects. Grants up to £2,000 will be available to both Badger Trust affiliated and non-affiliated groups/organisations who undertake badger vaccination projects in England and Wales. 

Humane Badger trap for vaccinations

The Emergency Badger Rescue Fund

The Emergency Badger Rescue Fund (EBRF) is a new grant fund for 2022.

The EBRF is available for affiliated full member badger groups of Badger Trust to apply for when they face especially large or unexpected vet bills caused by an emergency badger rescue, which they would struggle to easily cover from their own funds.

Rescued Badger in cage Credit Lancashire Badger Group

New Group Grant

The New Group Grant is also available, aimed at supporting new groups getting set up within 12 months of their start date. This grant fund is managed by the Groups Coordinator as part of their work to support, develop and grow the Group Network and they will liaise with the qualifying groups. A maximum of £250 per group is available via this grant, and applications are managed by the Groups Coordinator outside the dates advertised below.


Grant application deadlines 2022

First round: 8th April 2022
Second round: 17th June 2022
Third round: 19th August 2022 
Fourth round: 4th November 2022

Timing of your application

The approval process is spread over the year, and is scheduled to tie into meetings of the Finance Sub Committee, and then the Badger Trust Board. Please ensure you meet the deadline, and have provided all the information required.


Only fully completed applications with checklist enclosures and a detailed list of costs will be considered. Any incomplete applications will be returned and may miss the deadline if you need to revisit and resubmit. Take this into account when you send in your application, ideally aiming to submit your forms for the meeting before when you think you will need it. 


Equal opportunities

Badger Trust aims to ensure that all applicants will be given equal consideration regardless of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin or level of ability, provided that the application meets our criteria and priorities. Organisations and projects that do not work to these same equal opportunity aims will not be funded.