Badger crime quiz

How much do you know about crimes against badgers? Test yourself with the Badger Crime Quiz.

Badger Crime Quiz

Badgers have a long history of cruelty and persecution in the UK spanning hundreds of years. To this day badgers remain one of the most persecuted of all species despite having one of the highest levels of protection in law.

We’re on a mission to #StopBadgerCrime and you can help!

Take the quiz to learn about crimes against badgers and discover how you can make a difference to this amazing native animal.


The Badger crime quiz

When you have read the question and had a think press on the arrow symbol to the left of the multiple choices to see the answer.

1) Which badger crime is most commonly reported to Badger Trust?

  1. Sett interference

  2. Badger baiting

  3. Snaring

  4. Shooting