9 November 2019


Ashorne Hill Conference Centre


7+ Speakers

3 Workshops

The Badger Trust Symposium

The 2019 Badger Trust Symposium takes place on the 9th of November 2019 at Ashorne Hill Conference Centre in Leamington Spa. The event will bring together leading experts to discuss science, best practice and key issues impacting modern badgers.  From talks to workshops, the Symposium is a full day event with in depth looks into essential topics. 

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The Badger Trust Annual Symposium brings together over 100 avid wildlife protectors and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are interested in sponsorship please get in touch.

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The 2019 Badger Trust Symposium covers a number of issues from science to best practice. The programme includes a day of talks and workshops and is still in development. Check back for any updates and see below for the current schedule.


Ruth Tingay

Dr Ruth Tingay is an award-winning raptor conservationist who writes the influential Raptor Persecution UK blog. 

She is a former International Director and Past President of the international Raptor Research Foundation and has authored many scientific papers and research reports. She is a co-Director of Wild Justice and is also currently involved in a large research project satellite-tagging golden eagles in Scotland.

Mark Jones

Mark trained as a vet at Liverpool University and worked for many years in fish health and disease control, before spending five years travelling extensively and working on rescue and rehabilitation projects for primates, bears, birds, and reptiles in South America and Asia.


He has Masters’ degrees in both aquatic and wild animal health, and several years’ experience in the non-government animal protection sector covering international wildlife trade, wildlife management and animal welfare issues. He joined the Born Free Foundation in 2014 where he is currently Head of Policy.

Ian Redmond

Ian Redmond is a tropical field biologist and conservationist, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants. For more than 35 years he has been associated with mountain gorillas through research, filming, broadcasting and conservation work. He has served as Ambassador for the UN Year of the Gorilla in 2007 and UNEP Convention on Migratory Species since 2010

Rosie Woodroffe

Rosie Woodroffe is an ecologist and former member of the Independent Scientific Group on TB control for 10 years.


She is a senior research fellow at the Zoological Society of London and a visiting professor at Imperial College London

Charlie Moores

Proudly standing against hunting and shooting, Charlie Moores is a committed campaigner and lifelong birdwatcher. He began podcasting in 2010 under the title Talking Naturally.


In 2015 he joined Lush, where he has continued to make podcasts focussing on wildlife crime, animal welfare, and the environment with leading activists, researchers, and charities. He co-founded the campaign group Birders Against Wildlife Crime, is a former trustee of League Against Cruel Sports, and was described by Dominic Dyer as never 'holding back from holding those who exploit & kill wildlife to account'. He is currently working on Lush's new project looking at the War on Wildlife.

Tanesha Allen

Tanesha Allen is a third year PhD student at the University of Oxford. As part of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit's (WildCRU) ongoing European badger project, her research focuses on olfactory mate choice via specialised glandular secretions and metabolic by-products.


She is currently collaborating with the Abingdon Science Partnership and Science Oxford on a badger-based citizen science project being funded by the Royal Society.

Michael Clark

Michael Clark started recording Hertfordshire badger setts in the first ever national investigation into their distribution by the Mammal Society in 1960. He became County Recorder and then Mammal Recorder in the county.


He was commissioned to write and illustrate Badgers by Whittet Books in 1988 and the book has been in print ever since. He has written several other books on wildlife and local history and illustrated over thirty titles. Patron of the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Badger Group, every evening he takes food to maintain watching for visitors to the mammal hide at Tewin Orchard on the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust's Nature Reserve where he became warden forty-seven years ago.

Bob Elliot

Bob is originally from North Yorkshire and started his conservation career as Head Warden
on the Farne Islands in the North East of England. He is an experienced naturalist with
extensive knowledge of wildlife, nature conservation and animal welfare issues both in
Scotland and internationally.


Bob was Head of the Investigations and Species Protection team for the RSPB for the past
14 years, fighting wildlife crime both in the UK and internationally. He is now the Director
for OneKind, a charity based in Edinburgh that exposes cruelty and persecution to Scotland’s
animals via investigations, research and campaigning.

Dr. Mark Avery

Dr Mark Avery is a scientist, naturalist, author and wildlife campaigner. He worked for the RSPB for 25 years and was their Conservation Director for 13 years.


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