Badger Trust responds to Defra Bovine TB consultation and calls for your support

Dear Badger Trust Friend,

We need your urgent assistance.

You may be aware of the Defra Bovine TB consultation on proposals to manage the delivery of both badger vaccination and culling in Edge counties. Badger Trust carefully reviewed the consultation documentation and has been speaking to badger vaccination groups to determine the impact on badger vaccination.

It is clear that the proposals are likely to:

  • enable culling across all Edge areas

  • severely limit any new schemes

  • damage the efficacy of current schemes and their ability to expand

  • damage the ability to continue at all for many current schemes.

This is a vitally important crossroads and Badger Trust will do all it can to prevent these proposals going forward.

We have produced our response to this consultation, with the following important points:

  1. The consultation itself is fatally flawed; its intent is to enable culling in Edge areas, continue to expand in High Risk areas, and include additional reactive culling in Low Risk areas.

  2. It seeks to prevent vaccinated badgers from being culled, instead of focussing on protecting vaccination schemes. Government should promote and expand badger vaccination as a priority, following the recommendations made in the Godfray Review.

  3. The proposals to protect vaccinated badgers from being culled are completely inadequate, with the emphasis on ensuring that culling does not lose land to vaccination.

Although Badger Trust has responded to the consultation, we urge you to respond as individual responses carry much greater weight.