Badgers in the spotlight at Horsham Theatre

Badgers came under the spotlight at an event at Horsham’s Capitol Theatre on the evening of 23rd March, when Born Free’s Associate Director Mark Jones interviewed Dominic Dyer, Chief Executive of the Badger Trust, policy advisor to Born Free and author of the book ‘Badgered to Death’, in front of a live audience.

Mark began the evening with a short history of Born Free, which was founded and continues to be based in Horsham. The discussions with Dominic explored the history of our complex relationship with badgers, how he became involved in the wildlife protection movement, and his work to protect the badger against persecution and government-licensed culling. They broadened out to explore the future of wildlife protection and management in the UK, and the changing role of wildlife protection and animal welfare organisations.

The audience of around 40 were thoroughly engaged in the discussions, and a lively question and answer session followed the interview. Many of those who attended went away with copies of Dominic’s book and information about both Born Free and the Badger Trust.

More such events are planned to increase awareness of the wildlife protection issues in which both organisations are engaged.