Crimes against badgers are still happening – we need your reports

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

By Craig Fellowes, Badger Trust Wildlife Crime Officer and Trainer

We are all finding the current situation difficult and strange, with so much change and many of us find ourselves at home following Government guidance to stay home, protect the NHS, save lives. However, throughout this time our small team at Badger Trust are still working and dealing with many key areas, including badger crime.

Sadly, crimes against Badgers continue; badger diggers and baiters are still active, snares are still being used against badgers, shooting incidents are taking place, and with some construction projects continuing – including HS2 – we hear your concerns.

I have recently seen several social media reports where the informant has not reported an incident to the police for a variety of reasons, some saying the police are too busy, or that the police are not interested. Well, I can assure you they are interested and, although they might be busy at the time, they will carry out investigations. Several cases have been lost due to the delay in reporting incidents.

Police forces across the country, and specifically Police Wildlife Crime Officers (some of whom have attended Badger Trust training), are still working and they need your support. They will investigate suspected wildlife crimes and I will continue to work with them to support them and give appropriate advice. This ensures that no case slips through the cracks, giving the best chance to achieve more wildlife crime prosecutions.

How you can help

You may encounter something during your daily exercise or travelling to and from your place of work as a key worker. I always ask for suspected criminal activity to be reported to the police and online to the Badger Trust, and I really need that to continue. Please report online through the Badger Trust reporting centre on our website as, without these reports, I cannot fight the corner to protect badgers, investigate offences and keep badgers as one of the national wildlife crime priorities.

How to report an incident

If you see an incident or someone actively interfering with a badger sett:

  1. call 999 and ask for police assistance

  2. get a reference number for your call

  3. report the incident here on our Badger Trust website us