Peter Hambly announced as new Exec Director of Badger Trust

New Executive Director joins at key campaigning period for badgers as English cull ‘final’ licences due and Wales shifts focus to cattle

Badger Trust is pleased to announce that Peter Hambly has joined the charity as Executive Director. Peter has a successful track record and professional career in charities, not for profits and business.

Previously Peter was Director of Marketing and Communications with the Carbon Trust, a global organisation that leads initiatives to drive carbon reduction and address climate change. Peter developed and launched the world’s first carbon footprint label, alongside many initiatives that cut carbon and drove investment in low carbon technologies. He was also Campaign Manager for the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign, helping to raise millions of pounds to stop cruelty to children.

Peter said: “This is a critical time for badgers and all that care for them. We await the intensive licence kill figures for 2021, but there are 75,000 badgers slated to be killed this year alone, in addition to the 143,241 taken to date. This has to stop – it goes against the science and the real causes of bovine Tuberculosis (bTB), it is cruel in the extreme and it is ultimately a waste of taxpayers money.”

He continued: “Many people seem to think the badger cull is over – it is not and 2022 could see a record year of badgers culled. In Wales we see a welcome shift to cattle focused solutions to bTB, based on data and the science, and we need the same shift in thinking in England as soon as possible. The badger cull and the ongoing crimes against badgers are an unjustified continuation of the persecution of the badger.”

“I will be doing all that I can to take Badger Trust forward in its work protecting this wonderful animal, and look forward to working with our dedicated network of groups and wider volunteers and supporters.”

Jo Bates-Keegan, Chair of Badger Trust, said: ‘We are excited to have Peter join us at this important time for Badger Trust. We await the horrible tally of badgers killed under the intensive licences in 2021 and know this is highly likely to be the most badgers killed yet as the senseless slaughter continues.”

“We face another four years of badger culling under the Government's current plans in England. Our campaign to expose the baseless claim that badgers are to blame for the spread of bTB continues apace.”

She continued:‘Peter will lead the charity at a crucial stage of our ongoing work to expose the reality of the cull and, just as importantly, highlight the ongoing persecution of the badger through criminal activity against this protected species. The latest stats on badger crime showed a 36% surge in badger crime, and this area of our work is critical to build upon. His experience across campaigns, marketing and fundraising will serve us in good stead to take Badger Trust forward into the new year, and we welcome him aboard at this key time.”