New Trust Fund OPEN for Badger Groups

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Clare Hammacott

Clare Hammacott Trust Fund

Clare Hammacott left a substantial legacy to the Badger Trust following her sad death from cancer in December 2016.

In memory of Clare and in line with her belief that badger groups and volunteers are the lifeblood of badger protection, the Badger Trust will set up a Trust Fund to use some of her legacy for awarding grants to Badger Groups (full member and associate members).

Grant Fund 

The Badger Trust will put £10,000 into the Trust Fund for 2018 and review this at the end of the year.

The Trust Fund will give out grants of up to £1000 towards a wide range of projects aimed at promoting badger awareness and protection including the following:

  • Cages for badger rescue and rehabilitation activities

  • Badger awareness and wildlife crime training courses

  • Equipment to support badger protection patrols in the cull zones

  • Stand and exhibition equipment for fundraising

  • Start up funds to establish new badger groups

  • Promotional materials for badger groups

  • Educational equipment (laptop, projector, PA system)

  • Funds to host new member networking events

  • Badger awareness signs

Badger Vaccination

The Clare Hammacott Trust Fund will not be used to support badger vaccination projects. These projects will be covered under a separate £10,000 badger vaccination fund, which the Badger Trust will also launch in 2018.

Grant awarding process

Groups will need to complete a Badger Trust grant application form to seek funding under the Trust Fund. Download the application form here.

The form will request details of the aims and objectives of the activity to be fund