Your badger lockdown stories

As the country entered lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our supporters and fans reached out with badger lockdown stories – tales of how badger watching has been a source of joy and entertainment in these tense times.

We’ve heard from families who have become gripped by the badger activity on trail cams, vulnerable people helped through isolation by nature, and all kinds of other people with a greater-than-ever appreciation of their local wildlife. Just some of the wonderful lockdown stories shared with us on social media are rounded up here.

Badgers at home

Some of our followers are lucky not only to have a garden they could enjoy during lockdown but to share it with some special visitors.

“I discovered this little guy this afternoon who has made himself at home at my stables in the muck heap! Great spot for him. Warm and full of tasty worms!” - Laura Callow on Facebook

“We have a sett in woods in the New Forest so I was vaguely aware of the badgers but far too busy to see them. I bought a trail camera and for the past two months have watched them. They are so delightful. Every morning I can’t wait to see what the trail camera has caught. I would never have had the patience to do this before lockdown. I have stood behind a tree at dusk several times and just when you least expect it the stripey nose appears silently out of the hole. They are so enchanting and almost magical as they sort of appear then vanish.” - @susannicoleharris on Instagram

Badgers helping your wellbeing

As well as being pleased to find badgers and other animals right on their doorstep, lots of people shared how watching their badger neighbours has helped their well-being through the pandemic as well as difficult times in the past.

“I live in a rural part of Cornwall, in a small village. I now live alone since my mum passed in November last year, I had been her carer for close to three years before she passed away. I also have two autoimmune illnesses of my own plus a heart problem, so I've been shielding myself for the past 12 weeks during this pandemic. I'm a self-employed wildlife artist and I study and photograph wildlife from my little garden studio to use as a reference for my work. I have access to a decent-sized garden here with lots of mature trees, hedgerows and fields nearby. I feed the birds here daily and have only seen their numbers increase over the last 5 years. In our woods across the road, badgers and other mammals were picked up several times on the wildlife camera positioned facing a well-trodden route through the trees... I felt overwhelmed with happiness when I saw those gorgeous creatures! Observing nature every day, and painting it too, has kept me going in so many ways through so many difficult times. I'm not new to the wonders of wild places, but I've truly relished having more time to devote to my inspiration and my passion. Nature carries such hope!” - @thickets_studio on Instagram

“I live on my own and so the lockdown has been emotionally challenging. Wildlife photography has been a way of finding peace for a number of years. I have a trail camera and one night during lockdown a badger visited my garden. This spurred me to seek out our local badgers. To my joy, I found the sett and set up my camera. It was wonderful to capture a number of videos and stills from the sett. This will be one of the happy memories from lockdown.” - Julia Moyse on Facebook

“Badger watching (on private land incorporated into our daily exercise) really kept us going mentally through the dark times. Totally switching off from everything going on. This is just 2 of our Clan ❤” - Louise Shearsby on Facebook

“I am a support worker for vulnerable adults so I have had to deal with the mental and physical pressures of going to work during a pandemic. I have also got a disabl