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The Big Badger Debate

Who is manipulating the bTB data?


Badger Trust hosted The Big Badger Debate webinar on 13 April 2022 with Tom Langton and Dr Mark Jones – two of the authors of a new scientific paper. Also attending was zoonotic expert Professor Dr Paul Torgerson, who wrote a scientific commentary on the paper.

The paper, published in the Veterinary Record, has rigorously analysed government bTB surveillance data and concludes that culling badgers has had no effect on reducing bovine TB in cattle. Instead, incidences of bTB reduction were due to cattle measures implemented either before the cull ever began, or during the cull period.


Defra says the new study's conclusion is based on a 'manipulation' of data and doesn't reflect the reality of the situation. 

We do not agree.

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The Big Badger Debate

Who is right, and what does the new study mean for the future of the cull and bTB management?

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Badger Trust backs Defra proposals ending glaring sentencing inequality for crimes against badgers


Badger Trust continues its campaign to increase sentences for horrific badger crimes by backing proposals put forward by Defra in its Nature Recovery Green Paper.

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Protection of Badgers Act 30 Years: tougher sentencing to protect badgers

This new campaign calls on the Government to bring sentencing under the PBA up-to-date.

The badger cull is far from over

The scale of the badger cull is immense and it's far from over in England:

  • Intensive culling scheduled till 2025

  • 140,000 MORE badgers estimated to be killed

  • Failure to focus on cattle: over 94% of bTB infections are cow-to-cow


You can discover more 

Read the facts about the badger cull, explore solutions to the problem of bovine TB, learn what we're doing and find out how YOU can take action to #CanTheCull

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