The Clare Hammacott grant

The Clare Hammacott Grant is available to all Badger Trust Badger Groups in order to help assist and promote the projects and work being done by the Badger Groups on the ground in their local areas. The Clare Hammacott Grant opened in early 2018 and will give out grants of up to £1500 towards a wide range of projects aimed at promoting badger awareness and protection. 

Clare Hammacott was a proud supporter of the Badger Trust and was determined to see a future where badgers and humans coexisted peacefully and in harmony. After a long battle with cancer, Clare sadly passed away in December 2016 but remained resolute in her determination to protect badgers.


Clare left the Badger Trust a significant legacy to help us continue to protect badgers for many years to come. Clare believed volunteers and Badger Groups are the forefront of badger protection efforts. In memory of Clare the Badger Trust has set up a trust fund in order to preserve her legacy and provide Badger Groups with much needed support for their ongoing efforts and projects.

How it works

At Badger Trust we award grants to local groups and charities who work to protect badgers through a variety of means including education. Please check you are eligible for a grant and that you fulfill the criteria before applying. Detailed information is listed below, please get in touch at if you have any questions.

Our priorities for funding

Badger Trust is a registered charity which promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and their habitats. It represents and supports local voluntary badger groups throughout Britain, provides expert advice on all badger issues and works closely with the RSPCA, the police and others.

Badger Trust awards grants to locally based, not for profit, voluntary and charitable groups and organisations affiliated to Badger Trust, working for the protection of badgers through practical work and education. We will seek to increase the number and diversity of grant applications to ensure we reach a wider selection of local groups so that the grants awarded reflect the diverse needs and demography of the country.

The decision on whether or not to award a grant is made by an Appraisal Panel made up of three trustees.

They will be looking for projects that meet one or more of the following aims:

  • Involving the local community in conservation (with relation to badgers)

  • Promoting science and education (with relation to badgers)

  • Proposing a new or innovative idea

  • Outreach projects in the local community (e.g. educational visits, talks and events) that encourage people to take an interest in badgers in a new way

  • Improving or enhancing an existing service, or improving the sustainability of the group.

  • Projects that benefit badgers, but cannot be carried out without grant funding

  • Projects that will be carried out in areas where there is no badger group at present or where there is little current resource.


The Badger Trust will:

  • Actively encourage and support projects and proposals with differing or complex needs, especially those applying for funding for the first time

  • Treat every application individually, equally and fairly

  • Ensure that the money for which we are responsible is spent only on the items agreed when the grant is awarded.

Your application

  1. Your application must primarily benefit badgers

  2. You may apply for any amount up to £1500.

  3. You will need a bank or building society account with at least two unrelated people authorised to sign cheques or make withdrawals.

  4. You will need a set of rules or a constitution.    

  5. Your application is more likely to be successful if you can show evidence of “matched funding” for at least 50% of the amount you request. This can be from other funding sources or can be calculated using the rate of £10 per. hour for the hours worked by your volunteers.

  6. We are less likely to fund existing organisations that have reserves or realisable assets valued at more than twelve months of their operating costs

  7. The project/organisation’s annual income must be less than £15k.   This is inclusive of both restricted and unrestricted funds.

  8. You will have twelve months in which to claim the funds from the date the grant is awarded.

  9. We will not fund salaries, building maintenance or the general upkeep of property and its environs.

  10. The Badger Trust does not fund professional fees, for example accountancy, auditing, legal etc.  Applications that include other charges will be considered on their own individual merits but are unlikely to receive funding unless they can be shown to be essential for the direct service delivery of the project to the clients/members.

  11. We are less likely to award funding to applications for rental, insurance or office expenditure but these will be considered on an individual basis.

  12. Successful applicants must wait until the following year’s grant applications open before applying for a subsequent grant unless they can show that they could not have reasonably predicted the need for the additional application.  Badger Trust will not normally consider two applications within a period of 12 months. Applicants will be allowed 2 consecutive successful applications. Applicants cannot then apply for a further 2 years.

  13. Applicants must not be in receipt of direct funding from statutory authorities.

  14. Applications will not be accepted for activities deemed to be primarily political in nature.

  15. Retrospective application i.e. for expenditure already incurred, will not be considered.

Please note: It may not always be possible to fund all projects that meet these criteria. If the sum of money requested in any one round of applications exceeds the funds available, then the Appraisal Panel shall award grants only to those projects it regards as best meeting or exceeding the aims listed above.   


Evaluation of the use of funds

If you are successful you will have to complete the Grant Monitoring Form twelve months after being awarded funds. We would also like you to write a short blog for the website and use social media to promote your project and Badger Trust.


Timing of your application

The approval process is spread over the year, but needs to tie into meetings of the board. There are four meetings a year of the appraisal panel, who will then refer recommended projects to the board. The appraisals panel may defer applications for further information. Take this into account when you send in your application. Aim to submit your forms for the meeting before when you think you will need it. Only fully completed applications with checklist enclosures and a detailed list of costs, will be considered by the appraisal panel, and subsequently those will go forward to the next board meeting.

Closing dates for applications in 2021 are as follows:

5th April; 5th July; 27th September; 8th November

If you have a project you would like to run in the Winter, aim to get your application in for the August closing date. If the appraisal panel refers it for more information or has restricted funds in that cohort, it can then be reheard at the next meeting and you will still have a chance of an approval for the winter.  We may provide a conditional decision, subject to provision of acceptable further information, in order to speed up the process.

You should however ensure that you enclose all the information we require in the first instance. If you don’t we will not be able to process your application in a timely manner.

We aim to get you an answer to your application by the dates shown in the final column of the table.

This decision may be:

  • An approval for funding

  • A conditional approval based on a request for further information

  • A request for further information

  • A request for a meeting, to discuss the application

  • A request for more time to consider your application

  • A refusal, with an explanation why the application was not approved. This decision will be final. Substantially revised applications may be accepted, but must be submitted in the normal way.


Equal opportunities

Badger Trust aims to ensure that all  will be given equal consideration regardless of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin or level of ability, provided that the application meets our criteria and priorities. Organisations and projects that do not work to these same equal opportunity aims will not be funded.