Celebrating National Badger Day 2021

October brings us National Badger Day and a whole heap of love for this iconic native British wildlife species. And #NBD21 on 6th October may just be one day, but we join Scottish Badgers in designating the whole month #Brocktober – a time to come together to celebrate badgers.


You can enjoy the badger-fest, with new short films about badgers for all ages and special messages from a whole clan of brilliant badger friends. And look out for ways for you and your clan to get involved too.


Sadly, we are all too aware that this time of celebration falls during the intensive badger culling period in England as the seemingly endless badger cull continues.  But we can’t let the Government’s senseless slaughter deter us from recognising the beauty and wonder of this amazing native species.

Join in with the celebrations and let's do our brock friends proud this National Badger Day and throughout Brocktober! 



Educating the next generation of badger protectors

Our educational film, The Secret Life of Badgers, is packed with real-life footage of badgers and clear, bright infographics. The film is timed to celebrate ‘National Badger Day’, but as every day is Badger Day for our charity, you can use it any time of the year! 


This 12-minute film is designed especially for assembly and classroom use for KS1 and KS2 learners and is a great place to start learning about badgers.

The Secret Life of Badgers is broken up into several easy sections and is narrated by Billy Heaney, an enthusiastic zoologist and wildlife presenter. It's suitable for KS2 as a standalone 'plug and play' activity, or for KS1 and KS2 as a 'play and pause' interactive assembly. 

The following resources include Teacher notes and Pupil worksheets:

KS1 Class exercise for Secret Life of Badgers film

KS2 Badger Fact File for Secret Life of Badgers film

A collaboration between Badger Trust and Binfield Badger Group 

Badger climbing base of tree - National Badger Day

How you can get involved

We're celebrating the beauty and wonder of badgers and all that wildlife and nature brings to us. National Badger Day is a brilliant opportunity to share our love for badgers with each other. And using the #LoveBadgers tag during October gathers together these positive stories.

Despite the horror of the ongoing badger cull, there are joyful moments too. So many of us recognise how nature and wildlife are an important part of our lives, one we need to value and engage with more than ever. 


National Badger Day and the month ahead give us all an opportunity to celebrate these iconic wild animals. It's also a time to hope for a better future for them, one which we continue to campaign for.

Read on for different ways for you and your clan to get involved.


Join us and receive a special treat*

Badger Trust is the voice for badgers in England and Wales. When you join us you're adding your voice and support to our campaign work, helping us highlight the threats badgers face. You can join our badger clan from £2 a month, putting you at the heart of all things badger. 


And for October, your supporter pack comes with a limited-edition National Badger Day pin*! 




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Badger Trust is the voice for badgers in England and Wales. As a registered charity we rely on people like you to fund our activities. Your gift helps us support our local Badger Groups, keep our badger crime reporting centre open, carry on our vital campaign work, and more.


We can’t run any of our campaigns without your support. Anything you can give helps us protect badgers.

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Become a badger champion

You can become a badger champion by sharing our messages with your friends and family. Spread the word about the beauty and wonder of badgers, the threats they face, and what we can all do to help them.

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Did you know that every time you buy from our shop, 100% of the profits support our stripey friends? Dedicated to all things badger, we're proud to support the British artists and artisans who design the products we sell. 

Whether you buy a gift for yourself or your loved ones, you can shop with us knowing that every purchase helps us protect badgers for generations to come. All the products in our shop are designed in the UK by local artists and artisans so – like us – you’re supporting British talent as well as one of the UK's most recognised and popular native mammals. 


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