Badger Army Marches On...

Badger protection march comes to Evesham on Saturday 5th May 2018 

A peaceful, family-friendly protest against the government's unpopular badger cull policy will come to Evesham on Saturday 5th May.  Organised by West Midlands Badger Group with the support of the Badger Trust, this will be the 42nd march against the badger cull policy held in towns and cities across England over the last 5 years. Speakers will include Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust, Mark Jones from the Born Free Foundation, Nigel Tolley from the West Midlands Badger Group and Wildlife Protection Campaigners Lynn Sawyer and Ray Puttock.

Dominic Dyer from the Badger Trust said:

"Since 2013 the government have wasted over £50m of tax payers money to kill just over 35,000 badgers in the largest destruction of a protected species in living memory. 

The vast majority of the badgers killed have been completely free of TB and many have died as a result of an experimental 'free shooting' method which has been condemned as inhumane by both the government's independent expert panel and the British Veterinary Association.

After 5 years of badger culling, the government has provided no reliable evidence to prove that the policy is having any significant impact on lowering bovine TB in cattle in or around the cull zones. Few can now doubt that the badger cull has been a disastrous failure on scientific, cost and animal welfare grounds.

We could kill every badger in Britain but bovine TB will continue to spread in cattle herds, due to inaccurate TB testing, excessive numbers of cattle movements and poor bio security controls"

Nigel Tolley from the West Midlands Badger Group said: 

"We are delighted that the Badger Army is marching through Evesham. The possibility that the badger cull could be rolled out to this area of Worcestershire as well as many other parts of the country is a national disgrace. 

We are already seeing a worrying increase in illegal badger persecution in this area, with badgers being baited with dogs, shot, snared or poisoned. The badger cull is not only scientifically ineffective and cruel, but it also gives a green light to wildlife criminals to persecute this protected species in even larger numbers.

The march in Evesham will help to generate more public and media interest on the need to stop the badger cull and to give greater protection to the badger, which has now become one of the most demonised and persecuted wild animals in Britain".

The march will start at Abbey Park in Evesham at 1 pm. For more information contact the CEO of the Badger Trust Dominic Dyer on07876 596233 or