Badger Trust calls on the badger community to ‘Stand up for Badgers’ in Govt bTB Call for Views

Badger Trust urges supporters to highlight cattle-to-cattle transmission concerns and respond to the Defra bovine TB 'Call for Views'.


Dear Badger Trust Friend,

We need your help to #StandUpForBadgers.

You may be aware that Defra has set out a ‘Call For Views’ on additional measures to help tackle bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle in England, alongside their recent consultation on proposals to eradicate the disease. The options put forward by Defra and requests for other suggestions are focused on cattle measures.

Badger Trust has always believed that cattle measures are the answer to solving the bTB situation, and that badgers are no more than a costly distraction to the main issue, cattle-to-cattle transmission.

Badger Trust does not believe that options suggested in the ‘Call for Views’ go far enough, or that they place the emphasis correctly in order to be effective.

Please join us in responding to this ‘Call For Views’ and share it with your followers and supporters, encouraging them to respond too, so that we can clearly show the Government our concerns on this important issue.

We urge you to respond for your badger or wildlife group and as an individual too, as individual responses carry much greater weight.

Whilst we do not claim to be experts in cattle husbandry, many of us in the badger community can see the shortcomings in the current test and testing programme, the lack of restrictions on cattle movements, and a failure to enforce measures that need to be mandatory in order to gain any real traction against this disease.

Information about the Defra ‘Call for Views’

The ‘Call for Views’ request includes consideration of:

  • Cattle movement measures

  • Enhancing ibTB ( – the website which provides information to farmers on bTB breakdowns) to support responsible cattle movements

  • Mandating the sharing of information at the point of sale

  • Rewarding responsible cattle movements (plus three sub-options)

  • Regulating movements between certain herds

  • Cattle testing changes

  • Wider use of severe interpretation of the comparative skin test

  • Use of bovine only interpretation of the comparative skin test

  • Supplementary blood testing

  • Suspension of movements in the event of an inconclusive reactor

  • Amend the validity of a pre-movement test

  • Optional or extended, privately-funded supplementary antibody testing for some herds or government-funded in specific herds

  • Require a further test for cattle moved out of herds that have recently come out of long-term bTB restrictions

  • Compensation