Badger Trust Volunteer Receives ‘Invisible Hero’ Award

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Badger Trust volunteer Graham Tebbutt has been awarded Tandridge District Council’s Chairman’s Award for an Invisible Hero. Catherine Attwood, Badger Trust’s Operations and Finance Manager, explains why she nominated Graham for the award and the difference he has made to the charity:

Badger Trust volunteer Graham Tebbutt with his Invisible Hero Award
Badger Trust volunteer Graham Tebbutt has been awarded Tandridge District Council’s Chairman’s Award for an Invisible Hero.

“Graham has only been with us a year and yet he has turned around the data management for the Badger Trust. The charity had a number of issues with the existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and I had concluded that it was not fit for purpose. We are a very small team and capacity and resources were lacking to tackle this issue; I knew it was going to be a massive (and probably very expensive!) project to work on.

I met with Tandridge Voluntary Action and they suggested that Graham might be able to help us. After an initial meeting (which didn't scare him off!) Graham came in and reviewed what we needed a CRM to do, putting together a list of requirements. He researched hundreds of different options and put together a shortlist of four. Graham then tested these options and organised meetings with the providers. Once we had made our selection, Graham helped to tidy our data, carried out practice runs, and then transferred over 5000 people to the new system.

We went live in September 2019 and Graham has continued to support the team and put new processes in place to make sure best practices are maintained. Graham has spent a huge amount of time on this project and has jumped instantly on any emails that I have sent asking questions, going repeatedly above and beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Badger Trust’s Catherine Attwood talking about why she nominated Graham Tebbutt for the Tandridge Voluntary Action Local Heroes Award.

Without Graham's help, I know that the project would not have been anywhere near as successful. Graham is very calm and collected and he explained every step to us as clearly and as detailed as possible. The new CRM helps us to collect memberships and donations much more easily, we can submit Gift Aid reports in seconds, and we can now analyse our data. For a project that could have been very stressful it went very smoothly, and thanks to Graham the Badger Trust is now in a much stronger position.”

More information about Tandridge District Council’s Chairman’s Award for an ‘invisible hero’:

Tandridge Voluntary Action Local Heroes Awards 2020 celebrate local volunteers who make a positive difference throughout community, voluntary and faith organisations. The awards seek to recognise and reward those who give their time as volunteers.

Tandridge District Council asks organisations to nominate their own ‘invisible hero’ who they could not be without. This award is aimed at people in organisations who support everyone else and keep organisations going by doing all of the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs.