Bodger’s Badger joins Badger Trust campaign to #CanTheCull

Children’s TV character ‘Badger’ is back with a new friend to help champion his namesake as the badger cull starts up once more

Badgers facing threat of the 2022 badger cull have been rejoined by an old ally, in the form of ‘Bodger’s Badger’, one half of the late 1980s and 1990s children’s TV favourite partnership, ‘Bodger and Badger’. Andy Cunningham, creator of the partnership, starred as ‘Simon Bodger’ alongside his creation ‘Badger’, an anthropomorphic badger with a particular fondness for mashed potatoes.

Andy sadly died in 2017, after nine series of the popular ‘Bodger and Badger’ series in which they had lots of adventures together. The legend that is 'Badger' has been picked up by entertainer Ash White as the new partnership of ‘Bodger’s Badger’, and the pairing has joined forces with Badger Trust to champion the cause of this much persecuted, maligned and misunderstood animal. Bodger’s Badger are speaking up for badgers as the new cull season gets underway, with cull licences allowing the shooting of badgers from 1st June across huge swathes of the English countryside.

Peter Hambly, Executive Director of Badger Trust, said: "Badger Trust is the voice of badgers in England and Wales, and it’s fantastic to have Badger back adding his voice to our campaigns to champion and defend this iconic animal.

"Andy Cunningham spoke out against the cull with Badger in 2013 when the current cull in England started up, and we’re very grateful to have Badger back to help raise awareness, this time with his new friend Ash."

He continued: "It’s an outrage that the badger cull continues, almost ten years on, and we hope the return of Badger can help us educate the public as the senseless slaughter starts up again. Since 2013, support for the cull has halved so that now only 15% of the public support it. Yet a third of people say they don’t know enough about the cull, so Badger will help us reach new wildlife enthusiasts.”

Ash White and Badger of Bodger's Badger for Badger Trust Cull Campaign

Ash White, the human half of ‘Bodger’s Badger’, said:

"Badger and I are really pleased to help speak up for badgers and draw attention to th