E-Petition leads to new Westminster Hall Debate

As a result of the latest parliament e- petition calling for an end to the badger cull started by naturalist and broadcaster Simon King exceeding 100,000 signatures, a Westminster Hall Debate on the badger cull policy will now take place on the afternoon of Monday 27 March.

Reacting to the announcement of the debate Dominic Dyer, the CEO of the Badger Trust, said:

" This will be the fifth debate in Parliament on the badger cull policy since 2012. During this period the government have killed nearly 15,000 badgers at a cost of over £35 million to the tax payer. None of the badgers killed have been tested for TB and nearly 7,000 have been killed by a free shooting method which is considered both ineffective and inhumane by both the government's independent expert panel and the British Veterinary Association.

Despite the mountain of the evidence that the badger culls are ineffective, inhumane & hugely costly, the Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom gave a clear indication to the NFU Annual Conference in Birmingham on Monday, that we can expect to see the cull extended to new areas in England in the summer of 2017.

As DEFRA faces up to the huge impact of Brexit on the farming and food industry, the badger cull has become an even bigger carrot to placate the NFU. 

Yet again we are seeing badgers slaughtered for short term political & economic interests.

In the weeks ahead of the debate we will be working closely with our partners in Team Badger to brief MPs and to engage with the public to increase the political pressure to bring the cruel disastrous badger culls to an end.

We will also be organising another protest outside Parliament during the debate".