What's been happening in February?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

What’s been happening at the Badger Trust in February?

In the second month of 2018, the Badger Trust team have been busy dealing with an increasing number of road traffic accident reports. As young males are more likely to be moving around at this time of the year in order to find a mate and to establish new territories, sadly, more badgers end up dying on the roads. This month we saw the RTAs rise by more than double from 124 reports in January to 250 reports in February. Even though the rise is always a very sad concept, your reports are helping to piece together hotspots on UK roads where badger’s die frequently. With this data, we can lobby for road improvements. Find more about out Give Badgers A Brake campaign here.

In the meantime, have a look at what we have been up to this month:

Badger Cull Betrayal Protest

Following the failed announcement of a promised badger cull review, but instead a possible expansion of cull zones into TEN new areas, wildlife campaigners from all over the country met for a peaceful protest outside Defra HQ. It was a fantastic turn out, showing a united front for badgers.

Clare Hammacott Trust Fund

The Badger Trust have opened up a new Trust Fund for our Badger Groups in memory of Clare Hammacott, who believed our groups were vital in helping to protect badgers in the UK. The fund will aim to help groups afford equipment and undertake projects to help badgers. Read more here.

Badger Trust job opening

We are looking to recruit a Finance and Operations Manager for our small and dynamic office team. Applicants have until the 9th March to apply.


Our #BrockShop is currently undergoing a make-over, with new products being sourced and a fresh design coming together! Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome shop updates in the near future...

And remember - don’t forget about badgers this year! You can help our work in protecting badgers by donating or becoming a member! Donate and become a member!