Has the 2020 badger cull ended? The Badger Trust’s view

Updated: Apr 25

The team here at Badger Trust believes the badger cull has now ended for 2020 in all of the four-year cull zones. This is according to badger groups and supporters on the ground because Natural England – the Government's advisors for the natural environment in England – does not publicly publish details of the badger cull timeframe.

This means we are forced to make assumptions, based on the many reports we receive from affiliated badger groups and concerned supporters all over the UK:

“...Just to let you guys know, my Badgers made it! The Devon cull finished today, and my area doesn't have an extension, I'm sooooo happy!...” Reported by a Badger Trust supporter 3/11/20

Leaked details from Natural England – as revealed by Badger Trust back in August 2020 – gave cull start dates between 1 and 14 September 2020, with licences covering a six week period. Based on that alone, all affected areas of the country should now be through the badger cull period. Yet the Government has, in the past, extended activity when badger kill quotas are not met:

“...still going on here in Cheshire – 8 disgusting weeks of death for our beautiful badgers.” Reported by a Badger Trust supporter 31/10/20

And, with the impact of COVID-19 on operations and the availability of shooters to be factored in, this year could be very different.

When will the Government confirm the 2020 badger kill figures?

We now await the results of how many badgers were killed in the 2020 cull, which saw a significant geographical expansion across five new counties and added 11 additional areas to the 43 already under the four-year cull licence approach.

We could have a long wait; it wasn’t until March 2020 that the Government finally confirmed 35,034 badgers were killed in 2019 as a result of its badger culling policy, in what was then the largest destruction of a protected species in living memory.

Sadly, due to the 2020 cull expansion, we fear up to a further 62,000 could be added to the already horrific total of 102,349 badgers killed since the start of the current cull programme in 2013.

With your support, we won’t give up

As the leading voice for badgers in the UK, we're continually campaigning to #CanTheCull and won't give up until it ends.

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