High Court ruling against the National Farmers Union: Derbyshire cull decision

Updated: Feb 21

The Badger Trust welcomes the judgement in the High Court against the National Farmers Union, on the Government decision to not issue a badger cull licence in Derbyshire in September 2019. The Badger Trust is pleased to see the Prime Minister took note of the concerns we raised with him on the scientific, humaneness and cost failures of the badger cull policy, included in our open letter of 3rd September 2019, and engaged in the process which led up to the decision to not issue a badger cull licence in Derbyshire. The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust continues to lead the largest badger vaccination programme in Britain, which is bringing farmers and wildlife conservation groups together in a spirit of mutual trust and confidence to humanely reduce the spread of TB in badgers, and this crucially important work should not be undermined by badger culling being implemented in the county. In its recent verdict on the Sir Charles Godfray TB Policy Review, the government made it clear that it wants to phase out badger culling in favour of badger and cattle TB vaccination, improved TB cattle testing and cattle movement and biosecurity controls. The Badger Trust supports this change of policy and believes it should be implemented in Derbyshire and across England as a high priority.

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