Thousands to descend on Downing Street

Thousands of people are expected join a peaceful protest march through central London to Downing Street on Saturday 12 August. The march is being held to coincide with the start of the grouse shooting season, beginning of the 5th year of badger culls and the ongoing illegal killing of fox cubs with hounds.

The 'Make Badger Culling, Fox Hunting & Driven Grouse Shooting History' march is being supported by the Badger Trust, League Against Cruel Sports, International Federation of Animal Welfare, Born Free Foundation and Save Me. The protest will focus on the increasingly negative impact of farming, hunting and shooting on British wildlife.

From the mass killing of badgers as a result of intensive livestock farming and poor disease control, to the continued hunting of foxes and fox cubs with hounds and the illegal killing of highly endangered hen harriers on grouse moors, wildlife is being cruelty targeted across Britain today. 

Naturalist and Broadcaster Chris Packham will lead the march and speak at Downing Street alongside other leading figures including actor and animal rights campaigner Peter Egan, President of Born Free Foundation, Will Travers OBE, Dominic Dyer CEO of the Badger Trust and Philippa King Acting CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports.

Speaking before the march Chris Packham said:  ‘A rapidly growing number of people have had enough cruelty and criminality in the UK countryside . We’ve had it with snares , lead shot , illegal persecution , we’ve had it with a lack of scientifically informed decisions and animals being ripped to pieces with dogs , we’ve had it with our dwindling wildlife being wasted by psychopaths who kill for pleasure . Killing wildlife for fun is a dying business - please come along and help drive another nail in its vile coffin’

Peter Egan said:  "The greatest war being waged at this time, is the war waged on animals, of all species, by humankind. industrialised farming kills billions of animals yearly. Millions are used for experimentation and millions more for the appalling fur industry. Animals are humiliated in Circuses, Zoos and destroyed to extinction in the shocking and disgusting business of canned hunting. The animal entertainment industry, which includes organised dog fighting, shames all of us human animals. We must call a halt to this war. We must respect the right, of all other species on this our wonderful planet, to enjoy the one thing we all share, the right to life.

There is no animal welfare, as there is no human welfare, without the right to live a life of freedom, without fear"

Will Travers OBE President Born Free Foundation said: