Badger Trust urges all badger lovers to support a proposed change to bTB policy in Wales

Call for badger supporters to back and formally respond to Wales Government consultation which aims to end the use of lethal badger control

Dear Badger Trust Friend,

We need your urgent help to support a positive change for badgers in Wales.

You may be aware of the Welsh Government’s recent announcement on proposals to significantly refresh its approach to eradicate bovine Tuberculosis in cattle in Wales. A consultation was launched which you can respond to, and we have produced guidance to help you submit a response if you are able to do so.

The more people who positively support the planned move away from lethal badger intervention (using the ‘Test, Vaccinate, Remove’ approach which was selectively culling badgers in Wales) and the move to a clear focus on cattle, then the better for both badgers and cows. Please take action and submit a response to the consultation, using our guidance to inform your response.

Overall Badger Trust welcomes the Welsh Government’s recent announcement of a policy change, which is based on past learnings and grounded in science. This is a sensible and sound approach to tackling bTB and to recognising the overwhelming scientific epidemiological evidence that shows that bTB is predominantly a disease of cattle, with 94% of cases arising from cattle-to-cattle infection. As such, it can only be seriously addressed by looking at cattle measures to address the single most important host, and prevent cattle-cattle transmission.

Removing lethal badger interventions from the approach is a long-overdue change. It is a change based on evidence, one which should mark a sea change in thinking on how best to tackle bTB, and one which we commend the Welsh Government for making.

We are also pleased to see the Welsh Government recognise the need for mandatory measures from the farming industry, for tax-payers to not bear the full burden of tackling bTB, and for focusing on more regular and reliable testing measures.

Although Badger Trust is responding in full to the consultation, we urge you to respond as an individual too; individual responses carry much greater weight. By submitting a response you can help us speak up for badgers.

Submissions must be received by 8th February 2022, and you can submit your response online here.

We have produced a dedicated guidance document, below, that includes question-by-question information that you may find helpful for your own response. Your response has the power to influence the Welsh government, especially if it's personal, original and persuasive (rather than just a cut-and-paste of our comments). The more responses the Welsh government receives on this issue, the better the evidence that its moves to switch the focus from badgers to cattle are supported, and that the future of bTB eradication policy should be significantly different from the past.

Thank you for taking action for badgers with regards to this consultation, and for all that you do for the welfare of this iconic species.

Kind regards,