Badger Trust urges extreme caution over Government’s ‘mixed messages’ cull statement

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Badger Trust is aware of the announcement earlier today of a consultation to 'contribute' to the Government's future strategy on controlling bTB in England.

The full statement is a real bag of mixed messages and the charity is not confident that it does signal the end of the badger cull (as some news outlets are reporting, and some commentators are saying). Neither does it mark the end of blame being placed primarily with badgers for the ongoing bovine TB (bTB) crisis in cattle.

Badger Trust also notes with dismay that on the same day the consultation is announced, figures on badgers killed in the 2020 cull are released – adding a further 38,642 badgers to the already horrific total of 102,349 killed since the start of the current cull in 2013. The Trust questions the motivations of releasing two very conflicting messages on the same day, with the perceived – yet questionable – ‘good news’ ahead of the ‘very bad news’.

Badger Trust will take time to review both the Government's statement and the consultation before giving a full response, but at this time remains to be convinced of the sincerity of any commitment to bring the cull to an end. In truth, a further 38,000 or more badgers are likely to be culled this year, paying the ultimate price for a policy based on highly controversial science.

Details of badger cull figures 2013 to 2019

Read the full Government statement


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